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Originally Published on Getting Smart – October 4, 2015 In July, the Chronicle for Higher Education (CHE) released a white paper entitled ‘A New Measure for Collegiate Learning – What Presidents Think about the Promises and Pitfalls of Competency-Based Education’. That survey to nearly 200 college presidents found that there was widespread support for granting credits based on competencies. […]

Mental Models, Change, and Time – Thoughts on Competency Based Education

I recently took a trip back to the university where I got my first undergraduate degree.  I had forgotten how beautiful the campus was – old red brick, ivy, and what seemed like endless pathways cutting their way through freshly cut green grass.  I even walked through a few of the buildings and stood outside […]

Peaked in High School

Originally Published on Education Dive – February 2015 I love the Direct TV ads with Rob Lowe.  My new favorite is the ‘Peaked in High School Rob Lowe’.  It reminded me of where we are today in the evolution of online learning. With the release of Babson Survey Research Group’s  12th Annual Higher Education Online […]

The College Rating Framework

“The only reason to carry out a test is to improve a process, to improve the quality and quantity of the next run or of next year’s crop.  Important questions in science and industry are how and under what conditions observations may contribute to a rational decision to change or not to change a process to accomplish improvements. […]

A New Spin on a Drucker Favorite

Every year I re-read Peter Drucker’s Harvard Business Review article ‘ Managing Oneself‘.  I use it to make sure I am on track and mindful of my own performance and what I can do better.  There have been 100’s (maybe (1000’s) of summaries and reviews of ‘Managing Oneself’ but thought I would share a different […]


As we approach Thanksgiving, I am reminded that this will be the first time in seventeen years that ‘the boy’ (our Chinese Shar Pei) will not be with us.  While it has been an  adjustment, it is also a reminder that everything is ephemeral. That is what inspired me to craft this post: Five Things I Learned From […]